BARRE — A Worcester woman who attacked three people with a set of keys has been placed on probation.

Alexia L. Voitle, 23, pleaded no contest Tuesday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of aggravated assault with a weapon, two misdemeanor counts of simple assault and a misdemeanor count of violating conditions of release. Voitle was given a sentence of six months to 24 months, all suspended except nine to 10 days of work crew, and placed on probation. The state amended the simple assault charges from felony counts of aggravated assault with a weapon per the plea agreement.

Taylor Boardman, 19, of Montpelier, was sentenced to 10 to 180 days to serve, all suspended, and placed on probation on a misdemeanor count of simple assault for her role in the incident.

Officer Joshua Macura, of the Montpelier police, said in his affidavit he was on patrol in April 2017 when he heard yelling on Main Street. He went in that direction and came upon a small group of people fighting in front of Montpelier Discount Beverage.

Macura said he ran up to the group and saw a woman, later identified as Voitle, holding another woman’s head and punching her in the face. He said Boardman appeared to be helping to hold the woman so Voitle could attack her. He ordered everyone on the ground, but Voitle continued to attack the female until he sprayed her with pepper spray.

When taking Voitle into custody, Macura said he noticed she had a set of keys in her hand, and later learned they were used in the attack. According to Macura, a woman among those attacked reported Voitle had called her boyfriend a “scumbag” who had tried to solicit sex from Boardman. Another witness told police the victim responded by swearing at Voitle and telling her, “I’ll show you crazy.” The witness told police the woman also mumbled “come at me,” after which Voitle and Boardman then punched the woman.

Macura said a male stepped between Voitle, Boardman and the woman. The male told police he initially thought he was getting punched in the back of the head, but then realized he was getting gouged. A second male told police he saw the woman’s glasses were on the ground. When he tried to pick them up someone punched him in the neck.

Macura said the woman suffered cuts on her face, and one of the men had puncture wounds on his face and neck. The other man had puncture wounds on the back of his head. Macura said Voitle told police, unprompted, she had used her keys during the assault. He reviewed the surveillance footage from the store, which he said corroborated what witnesses had reported.

In the footage, he said Voitle attacked the woman with Boardman holding the woman’s hair. He said he also saw Voitle attack the two men. Macura said when Voitle hit them, she did it with the side of her fist in a stabbing motion.

For the violation of conditions of release, police said she threatened to murder someone in November. She had conditions of release stating she could not engage in violent or threatening behavior.



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