BARRE — An arrest warrant has been issued for a Granite City woman accused of possessing heroin and cocaine.

Erica Gilbert, 28, failed to show up to her arraignment Thursday in Washington County criminal court in Barre on a felony count of heroin possession and misdemeanor counts of cocaine possession and giving false information to law enforcement. If convicted, Gilbert faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison. Bail on the warrant is set at $1,000.

Officer Steven Tiersch, of the Berlin police, said in his affidavit he was on patrol May 17 when he received a “be on the lookout” alert about a green Subaru that had left the Cumberland Farms on Berlin Street in Montpelier. Tiersch said the report stated the driver of the car was suspected to be under the influence and may have been involved in drug activity.

Tiersch said he located the Subaru on Route 2 and ran its license plate which came back to a 2003 GMC Envoy. He said he pulled the car over on Gallison Hill Road.

Tiersch said the driver identified herself as “Katelynn Gilbert,” but she was later identified as Erica Gilbert because she had given police a false name. He said Gilbert didn’t have her license, registration or proof of insurance.

When he was walking up to the vehicle Tiersch said he noticed an orange needle cap and an empty baggie in the front pocket of a backpack in the car. He said Gilbert told him she had come from the Cumberland Farms in Montpelier.

Tiersch said he asked for consent to search the vehicle, but Gilbert refused so he applied for a search warrant. He said he told Gilbert to exit the vehicle and he noticed she had a bulge in the front of her pants. Gilbert later told Tiersch she had crack cocaine and heroin on her in a bag in her pants, according to court records. He said Gilbert then gave him consent to search the vehicle.

Tiersch said inside the vehicle he found five bags of a brownish substance and inside the bag he found 14 more bags of what he suspected was heroin. He said he also found seven bags with a white, crystal-like substance he suspected was crack cocaine.

Tiersch said the suspected cocaine weighed 1.56 grams and the suspected heroin weighed 418 milligrams.

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