BARRE — The trial for a sergeant and patrol commander with the Vermont State Police accused of stalking is provisionally set for this fall.

Raymond LeBlanc, 49, has been charged in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a misdemeanor count of stalking. If convicted, LeBlanc faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison. He pleaded not guilty to the crime in January and was released on conditions.

LeBlanc is on unpaid leave. He had been assigned to the Middlesex barracks.

A hearing was held in the case Monday where the state filed an amended charge which tweaks the language including the time period in which the alleged conduct took place. The original charge said LeBlanc had been engaging in stalking behavior from May 1, 2018, until Dec. 20. The new charge states he engaged in that behavior between May 26, 2018, and Aug. 10. Judge Mary L. Morrissey said she didn’t have time to review the new information so she hadn’t found probable cause yet. LeBlanc is expected to enter a plea to the amended charge at his next hearing July 2.

LeBlanc’s attorney, Oreste Valsangiacomo, said he has received more than 1,000 pages of discovery in the case, and he didn’t know if there was more discovery coming. Assistant Attorney General Paul Barkus said his office is still working on discovery. Judge Morrissey gave the state until June 30 to turn over all discovery. The parties also agreed the case should be trial ready this fall.

Detective Lt. Eric Albright, of the State Police, said in his affidavit he received a report in December from LeBlanc’s wife who told police she was being stalked and harassed by LeBlanc.

Albright said the victim filled out a statement where she said LeBlanc had been tracking her through some unknown means. She reported he has shown up to places she has been, such as a coffee shop in Massachusetts and a store in Colchester. She also reported having to close down her Facebook profile because LeBlanc has hacked into her account in the past and sent people messages from her account.

Albright said the victim reported LeBlanc was contacting her hourly and calling her a deadbeat, lazy and calling her derogatory names.

The victim said in her statement LeBlanc has been following her and taking pictures of her without her knowing. She reported he would print out the photos and then ask her who she was with.

Albright said the victim also talked about an incident last summer where LeBlanc held a gun to his head in front of their children.

LeBlanc gave police his cellphone as part of the investigation and Albright said it had screenshots on it that appeared to have come from the victim’s cellphone. He said it looked as though LeBlanc was going into the victim’s cellphone, taking pictures of conversations she was having and then sending those pictures to his own cellphone.

Albright said LeBlanc also filled out a statement in regards to a relief from abuse order he sought against his wife which was denied. He said in the statement he and his wife had been having relationship issues since January 2018. He said they were having financial issues and when he put his money into a bank account he owned instead of the joint bank account he shared with his wife his wife decided to vandalize his personal vehicle.

Albright said he went and spoke to LeBlanc who said he didn’t want to talk without a lawyer present.


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