BARRE — Barely a year after Scott Mears brought Mingle to downtown Barre the dance club appears to have closed.

Though the club’s state and local liquor licenses were recently renewed and, as of Monday, neither had been surrendered, its doors have been shuttered for most — if not all — of this month.

If the internet can be trusted the business Mears branded as “Vermont’s premier nightclub” is “permanently closed,” though attempts to reach its owner for confirmation have been unsuccessful.

Mears’ realtor — the club was listed for sale late last year — did return a telephone call on Monday and while Tony Shaw wasn’t aware the Mingle had closed he said he wasn’t surprised.

“I’ve adjusted the price a dozen times,” he said.

In January Mears asking price was $125,000. A month ago Shaw said he was asked to adjust it yet again, and dropped it to $25,000 despite advising that was too low.

The sale price included the business and the equipment, both located in a 3,000-square-foot suite that was created for Mingle more than a year ago in the then-vacant storefront owned by Aubuchon Realty Co. and once home to one of the company’s hardware stores.

Attempts to reach a representative from Aubuchon Realty were unsuccessful Monday.

City officials were scratching their heads because at the same time rumors were swirling that Mingle was closing earlier this year, Mears was renewing his liquor license. He filed the application on March 18, it was approved by city councilors on April 9, and replaced the one that just expired on May 1.

Mayor Lucas Herring, who was away last week, said the club was open on May 31, but had closed by the time he returned.

“I’m not sure what happened,” Herring said, noting there is no sign in the window and he hadn’t heard from Mears.

“It’s just closed,” he said.

The nightclub’s Facebook page provides no clue to the Mingle mystery.

The last post was on May 31 and promotes D.J. Colby Stiltz who was scheduled to play throwback music from the last 30 years that night.

A representative of the state Division of Liquor Control said Mingle’s recently renewed first- and third-class liquor licenses are still active and city officials said there have been no liquor control violations since several that were flagged by an investigator last fall.

Those violations were still pending in January when city councilors invited Mears and the owners of another Barre bar, The Alley Cat, in to discuss unspecified concerns. Though the decision was completely unrelated owners of the Alley Cat later opted to let their liquor license expire. Mears renewed the liquor license for Mingle — a business he now appears to have closed.


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I heard Mingle closed due to the amount of drugs running through this place. And now a flower shoppe has taken ownership for months now.

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