BARRE TOWN — The state is days away from improving the intersection at Route 110 and Mill Street.

At its regular meeting Tuesday night, the Select Board heard from Erin Parizo, the project manager for the Agency of Transportation, who was there to give a presentation about the project. The intersection, located near the East Barre fire station, has been on the minds of officials for decades. It’s actually a point where four different roads intersect as Mill Street comes down a hill into Route 110 close to where Old Route 302 and Bianchi Street both end at Route 110.

The plan is to realign Mill Street to form more of a curve so that it comes down into Route 110 at a sharper angle. Parizo said the agency wants to do this because right now that intersection has issues with site lines and is a concern when it comes to crashes.

“The impetuous for this project was based on safety and improvements for crashes that were happening in rear-end and sideswipe collisions coming down Mill Street. Essentially we’re T-ing up the intersection a little bit better. Tightening up some of these wide, open pavement areas,” she said.

Some of the pavement will be removed from the area which will increase the green space. The project also includes installing a new drainage system on the south side of Mill Street and adding sidewalk on the north side of the road. Crosswalks will also be added across Route 110 near the roundabout and on Mill Street.

The project is estimated to cost $530,000.

George Carpenter, project manager with J.P. Sicard which has been contracted by AOT to do the project, said it will start Aug. 26 and be finished on or before Nov. 15. Carpenter said the construction will take place during the day. Route 110 will remain open to two-way traffic, but Mill Street will be down to one lane for part of the project. The project will happen in two phases, with the drainage work going first and then the altering of the intersection.

Board member Bob Nelson said there are businesses operating in the area where the construction will take place. Nelson asked if there had been any consideration into doing the work at night. Carpenter said that hadn’t really been discussed, but the business owners have been contacted and consulted.

There had also been some discussion about making Bianchi Street one way when this project was in planning stages. Parizo said that is no longer part of the project so the street will remain two-way.

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