MIDDLESEX —The School Board is suddenly in the market for someone to run Rumney Memorial School.

Responding to the abrupt resignation of Principal Aimee Toth, school directors have launched a search for her replacement.

Toth, who will remain at the helm of the pre-K-6 school through June 30, tendered her resignation on Jan. 25. Though she hasn’t accepted another job, she indicated it was time to move on.

The unexpected development prompted the cancellation of last Wednesday’s special board meeting at which Toth’s performance evaluation was scheduled to be conducted and school directors were slated to approve the renewal of her employment contract.

Toth’s resignation negated the need for that meeting and triggered the immediate start of the search for her successor.

As was the case with the process that culminated in Toth’s hiring, a broad-based committee is expected to play a pivotal role in deciding who fills the looming administrative vacancy.

Though the composition of the committee has not yet been finalized it is expected to include at least three Rumney teachers, one of the school’s special educators, two School Board members and at least one community member.

Jennifer Miller-Arsenault, curriculum director for the Washington Central Supervisory Union has tentatively been tapped to provide administrative support for the soon-to-be-seated committee.

There is not time to waste. The School Board, like the local school district and the five-town, six-school supervisory union to which it belongs have been ordered to merge under Act 46.

Barring judicial or legislative intervention — both of which are now being sought — the new pre-K-12 Washington Central Unified Union School District is expected to be launched on July 1 — the day after Toth will sever ties with the local school district.

It isn’t the first time Toth is stepping away from a district that is on the verge of an Act 46-inspired merger.

Toth was in the final months of her first year as part-time principal at Roxbury Village School when she accepted the Rumney job in April of 2015.

At the time school officials in Montpelier and Roxbury were actively exploring a since-consummated school district merger.

Unlike that voluntary merger, the one in Washington Central is one of several ordered by the state Board of Education in a decision that prompted three separate legal challenges and has some lawmakers pushing for a one-year extension.

Notwithstanding the outcome of those efforts, school directors in Middlesex should have ample time to complete the search for Toth’s replacement. Two years ago a committee-led search took roughly three months start to finish. That year the board was forced to hire an interim administrator after placing former long-time principal Adam Rosen on mid-year administrative leave at his request.

Unless the committee and the board is underwhelmed by the crop of candidates for the job, hiring an interim principal likely won’t be necessary this time around.

Toth plans to finish out the school year and wanted to give the board ample time to conduct a search that could be concluded before July 1.



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