BARRE TOWN — Local officials have recognized two Barre Town road crew workers for a selfless act they took part in.

At its regular meeting Tuesday night, the Select Board heard from Town Manager Carl Rogers. Rogers told the board after Green Up Day earlier this month road crew workers went around and collected the green bags full of collected trash.

He said Zach LaPerle, a full-time Department of Public Works employee, and Dominic Bilodeau, a part-time helper, noticed a small bag on the side of the road that wasn’t a green bag or typical debris collected on Green Up Day.

“They thought there was something unusual here so instead of just throwing it in the back of the truck … they thought it warranted checking out and it turns out there was some money inside, a fair amount of money with a couple checks,” he said.

Rogers said the checks were filled out and the town workers wanted to find out who the bag belonged to.

He said a resident was going by and they asked the resident to help track down the bag’s owner.

He said the resident turned out to be a neighbor of the bag’s owner and the employees made sure the money was returned to its rightful owner.

Rogers said the woman had apparently put the bag on top of her car and forgot about it so when she started driving the bag fell off.

“Luckily she lost it on her own street and the right people found it,” he said.

Rogers said the actions of the town employees deserved recognition.

Board chairman Tom White said it’s always nice when people do the right thing with no other motive.

“I think it’s one of the cool things that makes Vermont what it is. You try to do the right thing and look out for your neighbors.

The board then unanimously approved a motion to sign letters recognizing and thanking LaPerle and Bilodeau for their actions.


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William R Walsh

The Barre Town road crew does an excellent job!


Yes, they absolutely do.

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