Radio host JD Green will begin a new public access television program and YouTube podcast.

BARRE — Vermont radio host JD Green is looking to take it to the next level with a YouTube podcast to connect to the community.

Green has been a radio host for 20 years, most recently for Vermont Radio Group’s “Wake-Up 101” on the 101 The One network, and previously on country music station Froggy 100.9 for 16 years.

Green is looking to expand his audience throughout Vermont and beyond with a new podcast series called “Aired Out” on YouTube, and through a new partnership with public access Central Vermont Television, both focusing on local public affairs, artists, business, nonprofits, entertainment and regional news.

“Central Vermont Television is excited about this partnership with JD’s podcast and creating great content for our viewers on traditional cable, as well as the internet,” said CVTV owner Tony Campos.

Green said he wanted to build the rapport with his audience by expanding the format and outreach of his on-air offerings online.

“This (podcasts) is something that’s totally new for me, a completely different medium, and I’m excited to track the number of viewers and subscribers to the YouTube channel, and I’ve very excited about that,” Green said.

In a recent podcast on YouTube, Green said he and his wife, Charilyn, had been experimenting with posting videos on social media in recent months and received strong feedback.

“So, I think in 2019, I might act on something that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time,” Green said.

Green said he thought about writing a book, called “Aired Out,” to share life experiences that might resonate with others in the community, but then hit on the idea of a podcast instead.

“So, I decided a podcast would be a much faster way to get it all out: the good, the bad, the personal stories that I’m really not about to approach much on terrestrial radio,” Green said.

Green already has several videos posted on YouTube, and said he plans to post videos weekly.

“It’s all talk, and at least for now, it will be a full hour, once a week,” he said. “I’m already booked with guests into February and looking to expand that.

“I want to use this platform as an opportunity to connect with community, with the arts, with folks that are fundraising and have great events going on and need some help with publicity,” Green continued. “And I want to have a business spotlight, a nonprofit spotlight and I’d love to have a small-town hero segment at some point.

“And I also want to incorporate a lot of what I’ve done in morning radio over the years. I want to have some entertainment news and tell you about weather and sports and Vermont news,” he added.

Green said he will try to stay away from politics and focus on “what’s going on in our back yard.”

Green said he would also like to share what has been happening in his life in recent times with people who’ve had similar stories to share.

Green said he recognized that he’ll be out of his comfort zone working in podcasts but said he’s been encouraged by the response to social media postings he has made recently that spurred him to launch the YouTube series.

Recent shows on YouTube include: Interviews with Mike Pelcher of Camp Meade in Middlesex; an annual holiday DUI discussion with local law enforcement; and an interview of his mother, titled “Honoring Mom.” His most recent podcast, on Wednesday, featured Joseph Aldsworth, deputy chief of the Barre City Fire Department, talking about the “Sharps Alliance” between the Health Department and law enforcement agencies to get intravenous drug users to dispose of needles in safe sharps containers.

Green is also planning to do a new show on CBD products, which he said have really taken off since the legalization of medical marijuana products and have attracted a lot of interest from listeners on radio. Other shows he’s planning include a report on the VAST snowmobile trail system in Vermont and interviews with veteran Vermont musicians.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” Green said. “So, I’m going to go for it.”

For more information, contact Green at 249-3259 or email beyondthedog97@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: JD Green used to be a regular contributor to The Times Argus and Rutland Herald.

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