BARRE – A Williamstown woman is accused of stealing from someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Britney Marie McAdams, 28, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult. If convicted, McAdams faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. She was released on conditions.

Trooper Todd C. Stackhouse, of the Vermont State Police, said in his affidavit he received a complaint in March from the manager of Tender Loving Homecare, a hospice homecare business in Barre. The manager told Stackhouse she had been informed McAdams, who was an employee, was stealing money from an elderly patient in Moretown.

Stackhouse said the victim’s daughter contacted the company seeking to discontinue its service due to a theft. The manager told Stackhouse McAdams had been suspended and was no longer working in the field for the company.

Stackhouse said he spoke to the daughter who reported her father suffers from several medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss. The daughter told Stackhouse McAdams started working with her father in February. During McAdams first week the daughter told Stackhouse she saw two suspicious ATM withdrawals from her father’s account.

Stackhouse said $320 was taken out of the victim’s account at the People’s United Bank in Montpelier Feb. 28. He said the family has a surveillance system at home and the footage showed McAdams pressuring the victim for his ATM card and pin number prior to the withdrawal. He said footage from the bank showed McAdams using the victim’s card to get cash.

Stackhouse noted Tender Loving Homecare does not allow its employees to take cash out of ATMs for clients.

On March 1, he said the home surveillance footage showed McAdams offering to go to the store for the victim and he told her to take out $60 to run errands. Stackhouse said McAdams went to the same ATM in Montpelier and withdrew $360.

Stackhouse said he spoke with McAdams March 12. He said she initially denied taking the money but eventually started crying and admitted she stole the money from the victim. She told Stackhouse she’s a single parent and was worried about losing her home and not being able to pay the bills. Stackhouse said McAdams told him she regretted what she had done and she lied about it because she was scared.

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