BARRE — A Washington man is accused of threatening a Department for Children and Families worker.

Todd Everett Jones, 35, pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of violating an abuse prevention order, two felony counts of obstruction of justice, two misdemeanor counts of criminal threatening, two misdemeanor counts of violating conditions of release and two misdemeanor counts of aggravated disorderly conduct. If convicted, Jones faces a maximum sentence of 17 years in prison. He was released on conditions.

Officer James McGowan, of the Barre City police, said in his affidavit on Jan. 4 he received a report stating Jones had made threats towards a DCF worker while he was at the courthouse in Barre. McGowan said Jones reportedly told the DCF worker “If anything happens to my child I’ll bash your head in.”

McGowan said he spoke to a woman who told him Jones had also threatened to kill her while they were at the courthouse. He noted the woman has a relief from abuse order in place for Jones. The order states Jones is not allowed to threaten the woman or put the woman in reasonable fear for herself from Jones.

According to court records, Jones has previous convictions for domestic assault in 2011 and 2005 and was convicted of violating an abuse prevention order in 2014.

For the violations of conditions of release, Jones is facing two felony counts of violating an abuse prevention order from April. He had conditions of release in place from that case stating he is not to engage in threatening or violent behavior.

In that case, Officer Amos Gaylord, also of the Barre City police, said in his affidavit the victim reported she had a relief from abuse order in place against Jones and he had violated it by having contact with her and her child. She told Gaylord she was scared because Jones had come to her home and spoken to her child.

Gaylord said the victim contacted police to report Jones had contact with her child a second time. She told Gaylord Jones had also yelled at her.



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