Police are investigating a crash in Calais on Wednesday evening that caused property damage to a minivan, a trailer and a camper. The driver fled the scene.

CALAIS — Vermont State Police are investigating a vehicle crash Wednesday evening on the County Road that damaged private property. The driver in the incident fled the scene.

A white Subaru Legacy careened off the road at 6979 County Road around 10 p.m., tore through flower beds and smashed into a Dodge Caravan with a trailer parked in front of the garage. Also damaged was a nearby camper — all owned by John Bolio.

Wreckage from the damaged vehicles was strewn across the front yard.

Emergency services from East Montpelier and Woodbury responded to the scene, and Vermont State Police are investigating the crash.

Bolio was in a state of shock at the scale of the damage caused. He said he had just moved from Barre to the property two weeks ago, and is in the final stages of closing on the purchase of the property from a neighbor. Bolio said he did not yet have homeowner’s insurance on the property, and the camper, worth $13,000, was not insured.

As he assessed the damage, state troopers and emergency services personnel searched the grounds and nearby woods for signs of the driver without success.

“I was asleep and heard a noise, and woke up, didn’t see anything and went back to bed,” Bolio said. “I went to sleep, and my daughter’s dog started barking and I saw the lights (of emergency services) and came out and said ‘wow.’”

Bolio said he thought it might be a drunk driver who had lost control of the vehicle because he said he found a beer can in the yard and saw beer in the Subaru.

“Hopefully, whoever was in it is OK,” Bolio said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Vermont State Police Middlesex Barracks at 229-9191.


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