BARRE — A Granite City man is accused of possessing crack cocaine and heroin at a Barre playground.

Kyle Dennis, 28, pleaded not guilty Monday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of cocaine possession and a misdemeanor count of heroin possession. If convicted, Dennis faces a maximum sentence of six years in prison. He was released on a $1,000 unsecured appearance bond.

Sgt. Steven J. Durgin, of the Barre City police, said in his affidavit a drug incident was reported at Playground 2000 Monday. Durgin said police were dispatched to the playground because there was a vehicle in the parking lot in which the driver, later identified as Dennis, was slumped over.

Durgin said a police officer banged on the vehicle’s window and Dennis sat up. He said the officer saw several glassine bags, commonly used for storing heroin, on Dennis’ lap.

Durgin said the officer reported there was an open safe in the vehicle and inside he saw cash and a copper kitchen scrubber — which are often used for smoking crack cocaine. He said Dennis quickly shut the safe when he saw the officer.

Durgin said he spoke with Dennis and he reported he had parked at the playground to take a break from things because he was having issues in his personal life.

He told Durgin he was addicted to heroin and used frequently, according to court records. Durgin said Dennis reported using just before he was found by police.

Dennis gave police consent to search his vehicle and the safe inside and Durgin said they found 9.12 grams of suspected crack cocaine, $136 in cash, baggies, scales and other drug paraphernalia. He said the substance field-tested positive for cocaine. Durgin said Dennis had already handed over to police a few bags of suspected heroin and he had on him a silicone container which had heroin residue inside.

Durgin said the suspected heroin was not field tested because it may have contained fentanyl so for officer safety, the substance was sent to the Vermont Forensic Laboratory for testing and weight.


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And another one caught and released? Do you think that this person is going to stop this activity before someone else dies? All of these dealers just caught and released....I don't understand it. My daughters supplier has been out for over a year. No consequence and she is still out there, breaking conditions of release and able to be with HER children. What about this guy...when will he get the help and consequences that he should have?

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