BARRE — A Duxbury man is accused of heavily damaging a woman’s vehicle.

Jason Jesse Russell, 48, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of unlawful mischief and a misdemeanor count of driving with a suspended license.

If convicted, Russell could be sentenced to a maximum sentence of seven years in prison. He was released on conditions.

Officer Karie Tucker, of the Northfield police, said in her Nov. 16 affidavit she spoke to a woman who reported Russell, her former partner, had come to the woman’s sister’s residence on Mill Street three times. Tucker said the victim knew this because she had seen Russell’s truck and a family member also reported seeing Russell there.

Tucker said the victim reported she was trying to ignore Russell, but then she found the driver’s side door damaged on her vehicle. She told Tucker she couldn’t even open the door to get in. The damage to her vehicle was estimated at $1,500 to $2,000. The affidavit doesn’t describe the damage caused to the door.

Tucker said she spoke to the victim’s family member who was a witness, and he reported being awakened by a loud truck outside the home. The witness told Tucker he saw Russell’s truck parked by the victim’s vehicle and saw Russell place a large wooden chair and a tote by the victim’s vehicle.

Tucker said the witness reported Russell’s truck was backed up to the driver’s side door of the victim’s vehicle and he heard the engine revving. The witness told Tucker he also saw Russell dump Chinese food on the items he left and then drove away.

Tucker said a records check showed Russell’s license was suspended for life in September 2007 after receiving his third conviction for driving under the influence.

Tucker said she spoke to Trooper Keith Lewia, of the Vermont State Police, about talking to Russell due to Russell living in Duxbury. The officer said the trooper reported Russell denied any wrongdoing.


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