Vermont State Police released information over the weekend on two incidents that took place at the Holiday Inn during the first half of April.

The hotel has faced increased scrutiny from the city due to crime linked to guests housed there using state vouchers. In early May, the Rutland Town Select Board voted to deny the hotel’s liquor license application. In the city, similar concerns contributed the Mayor David Allaire’s decision last week to shut down the Quality Inn.

The hotel was the victim in the first of the two incidents, which police said took place April 3. Police said video footage showed 27-year-old Brendan Wong, described as a transient, climbing over the front desk and taking money from the register. Police did not indicate how much was taken, but said he was charged with petty larceny.

Police said Wong was arrested by Bennington Police on an unrelated charge and cited to appear June 28 in Rutland criminal court on the theft charge.

The second incident took place at around 4:30 p.m. April 12, when police said they arrived at the hotel in response to a vandalism complaint to find Tyler Bushey, 27, also listed as a transient, in the parking lot “actively damaging a vehicle without the right to do so.”

Police gave no indication of Bushey’s motive but said the vehicle belonged to 71-year-old Michael Gould of Rutland and that Bushey did damage in excess of $2,000, resulting a charge of felony unlawful mischief. Police said they later arrested Bushey on an unrelated outstanding warrant and cited him to appear in Rutland criminal court June 14 on the vandalism charge.

During the hearing on the hotel’s liquor license, local police said five of the 29 calls their department answered in the previous week were at the hotel and another seven in the surrounding area. Owner Anil Sachdev told the board at the time he had evicted at least 15 people in the previous week for violations of state or hotel policies.

Reached late Monday, Sachdev said he had little to add to those remarks.

“We’ve terminated many misbehaving guests,” he said. “There is 24-hour security now. Other than that, no comments.”


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