BARRE — An arrest warrant has been issued for a Barre woman accused of vandalizing a car.

Briana Amber Quintin, 22, did not show up to her arraignment Thursday in Washington County criminal court on a felony count of unlawful mischief and a misdemeanor count of petit larceny. If convicted, Quintin faces a maximum sentence of six years in prison. Bail on the warrant is set at $200.

Chief William Dodge, of the Barre Town police, said in his affidavit a report came in April 18 stating a vehicle had been vandalized. Dodge said he spoke to the vehicle’s owner who reported someone had spray painted the vehicle on Phelps Road.

The victim told Dodge he had left the vehicle at a residence on Phelps road for the day and when he came back he saw the vehicle had been spray painted and someone had stolen his cigarettes from the vehicle. He told Dodge he believed Quintin had done it because they had been in a relationship that recently ended. Dodge said the victim reported there were some items in his vehicle that belonged to Quintin and they had been taken as well.

Dodge said he looked at the vehicle and saw someone had spray painted “scumbag” across the driver’s side. There was also paint on the hood and the windshield, according to court records. Dodge said food had also been dumped onto the driver’s seat.

A witness told Dodge she had seen a gold-colored Chevrolet pull into the driveway where the vandalized vehicle had been parked but she couldn’t make out the driver or the passenger. Dodge said the witness didn’t see the vandalism take place.

The victim told Dodge a member of Quintin’s family has a gold-colored Chevrolet.

While he was speaking to the victim, Dodge said Quintin started sending the victim messages over Facebook and said “Can I finish the rest of the car decorating or nah” and “Can I finish what the person who spraypainted your car started? I was being serious.” Dodge said Quintin also asked the victim if he wanted a cigarette because she noticed his were gone.

Dodge said he later located Quintin who admitted to spray painting the car and stealing the cigarettes.

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