BARRE — A Barre Town man is accused of making crack cocaine.

Timothy Allen, 30, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to felony counts of cocaine trafficking, cocaine possession and manufacture of a regulated drug and a misdemeanor count of violating conditions of release.

If convicted, Allen faces a maximum sentence of 55½ years in prison. He was released on conditions.

Cpl. Jonathan Houle, of the Barre City police, said in his affidavit he pulled a vehicle over Wednesday for having a headlight out and expired inspection. Houle said Allen was identified as a passenger in the vehicle.

Houle said based on his investigation he knew Allen had been picked up from an area of known drug activity. He said a K-9 was called in to see whether there were drugs in the car. After the dog arrived Allen got out of the vehicle and told police he had crack cocaine on him.

Houle said the dog indicated there were more drugs in the passenger side of the vehicle, but Allen told police there wasn’t any more. The driver gave police consent to search the vehicle, according to court records, and police found a green water bottle where Allen was sitting. Houle said inside the bottle there was a liquid with a chunky, white substance in it. He said the solution field tested positive for cocaine.

Houle said based on his experience, it appeared the liquid was part of a cooking process for turning powder cocaine into crack cocaine.

He said the crack cocaine Allen handed over to police weighed 1.65 grams while the bottle contained about six to eight ounces of liquid. Houle said the liquid was sent to the Vermont Forensic Laboratory for analysis.

Allen told Houle the bottle wasn’t his and he was being set up, according to court records.

For the violation of conditions of release, Allen pleaded not guilty in June to multiple charges, including misdemeanor counts of domestic assault, criminal threatening and negligent operation. He was given condition in that case barring him from possessing a regulated drug without a prescription.


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