PLAINFIELD — The Select Board has a new chairwoman and will meet fewer times this summer.

The board picked Sasha Thayer as its head during its regular meeting Monday. The meeting was the first since Town Meeting Day, when Jim Volz was elected to replace Ross Sneyd, the former chairman of the board.

Sneyd decided not to seek re-election for the three-year seat to give someone else an opportunity to serve.

Volz said Thayer has the most experience on the board. He was just elected, and board member Tammy Farnham has started her second year on the board. Thayer has been a member since 2017.

“If you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed with it, I’m happy to help out,” Volz said. Thayer laughed and said she’d take him up on the offer.

With the new board in place, the three members discussed other organizational aspects of its work for the year. The board typically meets twice a month, on every second and fourth Monday. Thayer said the board has previously decided not to meet sometimes during the summer, and she wanted to establish that now so residents can plan accordingly.

She proposed only meeting once a month in June, July and August to schedule around school graduations, the July 4 holiday and possible staff vacations.

Town Clerk Linda Wells said she didn’t see any problems meeting once a month, noting if the board needs to address something, it can hold a special meeting like it will in early July to set the tax rate.

The board decided to meet on the fourth Monday of June, July and August to stay in line with the other meetings for the rest of the year. It will meet on June 24, July 22 and Aug. 26, and on the second and fourth Monday of the other months of the year.



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