PLAINFIELD — Residents will vote on a slightly larger budget on Town Meeting Day while also saying goodbye to the town’s Select Board chairman.

The budget is $982,282, which is $15,576, or 1.6 percent, more than the current budget.

Ross Sneyd, the chairman of the Select Board, said Friday the major difference between the current budget and next year’s budget is paving. The next budget includes an additional $25,000 for paving, which will be added to the $19,000 the town has already set aside for paving.

Sneyd said if the budget is approved, town officials will have to decide which roads to tackle. He said the bottom of East Hill Road needs to be repaved and Towne Avenue and Martin Meadow Road also need work.

The budget also includes $10,000 for new tires for the town’s grader and $1,500 for other maintenance costs for town equipment.

Sneyd said with these increases in mind, as well as an increase in health insurance for town employees, the town looked to make cuts elsewhere. He said many small cuts were made to the municipal budget. He said the town’s Old Home Days budget was reduced by $200 and the electric expense for the municipal building was reduced by $500 because the town has been able to use solar panels to help power the building.

When it comes to picking those paving projects, it’ll be up to someone else because Sneyd is not seeking re-election for his three-year seat. Jim Volz is running for that seat unopposed.

Sneyd said he decided not to run again because he wanted to give someone else an opportunity to serve on the board. During his three years on the board, Sneyd said he thought the board did a good job to make the town more liveable. He said the town increased the amount it pays the Washington County Sheriff’s Department $10,000 per year for patrolling because of speeding concerns that have been raised by residents. The town’s bridges have also been an issue because they can get clogged up and flood during heavy rainstorms, and in the past couple of years the town has looked into replacing those bridges. The board will discuss the replacement of the Brook Road bridge at its regular meeting Monday.

“I feel really good about making Plainfield a more liveable and attractive place,” Sneyd said.

In other elections, Jamie Spector is running unopposed for a two-year seat on the Twinfield School Board and Janna Osman is running unopposed for a three-year seat.



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