On June 1, thousands of people were in Enosburg for the Vermont Dairy Festival. Meanwhile, 62 miles south, another festival was going on: The Adamant Black Fly Festival. It features lots of good eats, plenty of friends and neighbors and the famous Black Fly Pie Contest. Live music fills the air and lots of folks enjoy the revelry of the pie contest and the preparations for the Black Fly Costume Parade and Fashion Show.

This year the Agency of Transportation sent a large truck to be in the parade and host a “Touch A Truck” event for children. After the parade, the little ones made a dash to the shiny orange truck.

I saw the look of wonder as we all crouched down to look under the truck and then at the tires that were bigger than they were. It was magic. Thanks to Bill Franks and the North Montpelier Garage for a great event.

Here’s what is going on around Vermont roads:


Cabot/Danville: US 2 has more clean-up work this week. Slower speed limit (40 mph) and alternating one-lane traffic will impact travel.

East Montpelier: VT 14 bridge project has clean-up work this week. Alternating one-lane traffic with slower speeds between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

East Montpelier: US 2 has a box culvert installation project with alternating one-lane traffic.

Montpelier: Gallison Hill night paving this week. Barre Street will have milling and paving this week. Expect delays.

Waterbury/Stowe: VT 100 rehabilitation project has two-way traffic during the day and alternating one-lane traffic during the night requiring slower speeds in the work zones. Possible delays.

Waterbury: VT 2 Main Street reconstruction. Contractors are working on storm drains this week. Expect slower speeds and short delays in the work zone. Construction work in the Healy Court area this week. Specific information can be found at www.waterburyworks.com. Check for water shut-off notices.


I-89 Colchester: Between exits 16 and 17 may be reduced to single lane during non-peak hours. Work hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I-89 South Barre/Berlin: Ledge removal project at Exit 6 northbound in Berlin will see one-lane traffic this week. Exit 6 will remain open until the closure in June. Expect slower speeds and delays this week.

I-91 Rockingham: There is an ongoing bridge replacement project. Expect slower speed limits in this work zone so please plan accordingly.


Brighton: VT 105 has a road resurfacing project. Two lane traffic this week.

Orleans Village Bridge: Barton Street, VT 58. Alternating one-lane traffic, slower speeds and changing traffic patterns will impact traffic this week. Expect delays.

Enosburg/Richford: VT 105/105A has a resurfacing project going on. Expect some delays.

North Hero/Grand Isle: US 2 at the drawbridge where traffic has been switched onto the temporary bridge. Speed limit set at 25 mph. Cyclists and motorcycles use caution. Mariners can request drawbridge opening on channel 13 or at 802-372-4360.

Williston: US 2 has a nighttime repaving project going on between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. this week. Travelers should expect delays.

Essex/Underhill: VT 15 has a repaving project starting soon. Night work from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Essex, Jericho-Richmond: VT 117 has alternating one-lane traffic this week. Expect delays in this work zone.

Bethel/Royalton: VT 107 and VT 110 have a road improvement project going on. Travelers should expect slower speeds and delays in these work zones.

Bristol: VT 116 has a bridge project with lane restrictions. Temporary signals are in place.

Middlebury/Starksboro: VT 116 awaiting final inspection.

Brandon/Goshen: VT 73 has a road improvement project going on. Travelers should expect alternating one-lane traffic and speed reductions. Expect some delays.

Rutland/Pittsford: US 7 and VT 3 will have a road improvement project going on. Work hours 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Friday. Expect alternating one-lane traffic and delays.

Rockingham/Clarendon: VT 103 has a 42-mile road improvement project that will require a 40 mph speed limit during daytime work hours. Alternating one-lane traffic will impact traffic flow in this work zone.

Manchester: VT 7A, 30 and 11 all have road improvement projects. Daytime hours 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nighttime hours 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Travelers should expect alternating one-lane traffic in multiple work zones. Expect delays.

Jamaica/ Winhall: VT 30 and VT 100 intersection. This paving project extends north from the routes 30 and 100 intersection for 9 miles to the intersection of Route 11 in Winhall. Travelers should expect slower speed limits and alternating one-lane traffic. Expect delays.

Mount Holly: VT 155 has a roadway project with slower speeds and alternating one-lane traffic this week.

Brent Curtis is the public outreach coordinator for the Agency of Transportation.

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