BARRE — A Northfield man has been sentenced to time served and placed on probation for assaulting a woman multiple times.

Jeremy Wallace White, 34, pleaded guilty Monday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault and a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. White was sentenced to two to four years, all suspended except for 11 months, and placed on probation. He’s been held at Northeast Correctional Complex in St. Johnsbury on $10,000 bail since his arraignment in July 2018.

The state agreed to drop a felony count of sexual assault and a felony count of second-degree unlawful restraint, per the plea agreement.

Officer Karie Tucker, of the Northfield police, said in her affidavit a dispute was reported in July 2018 on Union Street in Northfield. Tucker said a caller reported White was harassing a woman. She went to the residence and talked to White, who she said was staring at her gun and would periodically have a “thousand yard stare.”

Tucker said White started to walk away and the victim told another officer at the scene that White had abused her. Tucker said when police tried to catch up to White he ran away and a K-9 unit had to be called in. She said police returned to the residence and eventually White was seen walking toward the home, but when police drove toward him he ran off again. This time, she said police went after him and he went onto Union Brook Road.

Tucker said White returned to Union Street where he was repeatedly told to get down on the ground. He was tased when he refused to do so. She said White was then taken into custody.

Tucker said she returned to the victim who reported at one point during an altercation White held onto her so hard that he left bruises. She told Tucker when she and White would get into a fight she would try to leave but he would always grab her and not let go. The victim also told Tucker about another incident when White, according to the affidavit, grabbed her by the arms and would not let her leave. Tucker said this incident occurred on July 20, 2018, and again left bruises on the victim.

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