JJ Norway, owner of Mister J’s, inside his new store on North Main Street in Barre.

BARRE — If you enjoy beer, especially Vermont-crafted brews, Mister J’s on North Main Street might be the place for you.

The store, which opened June 29, sells more than 250 different beers, including every Vermont beer that is sold in bottles and cans.

The store also sells a large variety of wines, including several Vermont wines. Two local wines, Nedo wines of Barre and Fresh Tracks from Montpelier, are available, as are Vermont-made hard ciders and other hard ciders.

The store, which previously was a Gulf gasoline station and convenience store, also is selling gasoline.

Store owner JJ Norway, a 2010 graduate of Spaulding High School, said he opened the store because no beer store in the area features “every single Vermont beer” that is available retail.

“There definitely is a market for Vermont beer,” he said.

His store also includes other national and regional brands.

“Vermont has more beer producers per capita than any state and Vermont beer is the best beer in the country,” he said.

Prior to opening the store, Norway spent the past 18 months working for Calmont Beverage Company, a Barre-based beer and wine distributor. What he learned from his work with Calmont was key in his decision to open the Barre store.

“Part of the reason I opened my store is because nowhere in Central Vermont has a full selection of Vermont beers,” he said.

The location of the store (next to Mister Z’s) is convenient for both Barre and Montpelier, he said, plus he has ample parking in front of the store.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

“We’re right off the interstate, at the bottom of the access road, and right on Main Street, easy for anyone to get to,” he said.

His first week of business was good, and he said he is hopeful that sales will increase as more people learn about the store.

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