The following is a sampling of calls to Montpelier police in recent days.

April 26

There was a dead cat in the roadway on Barre Street.

A dog was running loose on Greenfield Terrace.

On Liberty Street, a credit card was lost.

A GoPro camera was found on Main Street.

April 27

Drug activity was reported on Main Street.

Teens were skateboarding on Taylor Street.

A child’s bicycle was found on Barre Street.

April 28

On State Street, a woman reported she traded her car for drugs and wanted the car back. The vehicle was returned.

An ankle monitor was found in a dumpster on Main Street.

On Barre Street, a vehicle’s tires were slashed.

A cat was lost on Hubbard Street.

April 29

A vehicle drove through a red light on Memorial Drive.

On Dairy Lane, a suspicious vehicle reported for parking near a man’s residence multiple times a week turned out to be a vehicle delivering mail.

A truck was repossessed on Grandview Terrace.

April 30

There were tree limbs in the roadway on Murray Road.

Lost identification was reported to the police department.

Someone was waving an object around on State Street.

May 1

There was a two-car crash on Berlin Street at about 7 a.m. No injuries were reported.

A dog reported missing on Elm Street was later found by its owner.

People were drinking on Taylor Street.

May 2

Property was vandalized on Barre Street.

A Black Lives Matter sign was stolen on Main Street.

On Northfield Street, a male was covered in blood.

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