Here is a sampling of calls reported by the Montpelier Police Department in recent days:

June 24

Police responded to a juvenile problem at the intersection of School and Main streets.

Police responded to a local business for “assistance on how to deal with the homeless population in the city.”

“A complaint was received about a person’s behavior.” No other details were provided.

On Berlin Street, there was a report of a dog running at large.

Police stopped a vehicle in the Blanchard Court parking lot for cell phone use.

A parking boot was placed on a vehicle on Langdon Street for unpaid parking tickets.

Police responded to a concern about a dog in a vehicle on Stonecutters Way.

June 25

Police responded to a residence on River Street for a report of a suspicious event involving two roommates. No other details were provided.

Trash was illegally dumped on city property near the Interstate 89 overpass.

Police stopped a bicyclist at the intersection of Elm and Spring streets. No other details were provided.

Police investigated claims of threats and harassment. No other details were provided.

Police responded to a call about loitering and vagrancy on Barre Street.

Police stopped a driver for driving the wrong way on Park Avenue.

On Hebert Road, police responded to a report of a disturbance at a residence.

A welfare check was made on an intoxicated female on Main Street. She was taken into protective custody and lodged at Lighthouse detox facility in Berlin until sober.

Police responded to a report of harassing phone calls and messages.

“Report of a vehicle parked in contact with another.”

June 26

Police responded to a report of smoke bombs being set off at the intersection of State and Main streets.

A two-vehicle crash was reported at the intersection of Taylor Street and Memorial Drive. No other details were available.

“Assistance was provided to a person who believed they left their wallet in another person’s vehicle.”

On George Street, police responded to a report of a drone being flown around a residential neighborhood.

There was a report of a man obstructing a stairway on State Street.

There was a report of a female smoking drugs at a bus stop.

On Main Street, police were alerted to a vehicle that almost hit a cyclist.

“A person reported they thought the marijuana they purchased was laced with something.”

June 27

Police responded to a report of a subject standing in a construction zone arguing with a flagger on Memorial Drive. No other details were provided.

There was a report of property stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Main Street.

June 28

A no trespass order was served to a person on Barre Street.

An evening foot patrol was made on the trails behind the Pavilion.

A request was made that a person be moved because the individual was sitting in the “area of a restaurant where people sit to eat.”

A missing person report was made to police. No other details were provided.

A motorcycle registration plate was found on Berlin Street by highway department personnel.

A citizen reported their vehicle stolen. “Later determined the owner forgot where they parked.”

Police stopped a driver for cell phone use while driving.

A parking boot was applied to a vehicle on Elm Street for outstanding parking tickets.

Police responded to a complaint of juveniles throwing rocks from Cliff Street onto Elm Street. Police were unable to locate the culprits.

A vehicle parked on Baldwin Street was vandalized.

June 29

Police responded to back-to-back complaints about transients being removed from Main Street.

Police responded to a concern over a dog left in a vehicle on Wheelock Street.

A suspicious activity was reported along State Street. No other information was provided.

Property was lost or found near Wilder Street.

Montpelier police assisted officers from Berlin following a single-vehicle rollover crash near the water treatment plant on Paine Turnpike.

“A vehicle was located at 60 State Street prior to the set-up of the Farmer’s Market. Attempts at contacting the owner were fruitless, so the vehicle was towed ...”

June 30

With only a few days before Independence Day, there were several reports from the Meadow of fireworks being set off after 11 p.m. Police did a patrol; no pre-celebration was found.

Graffiti was reported at a business on Main Street.

Larceny retail theft was reported from a Main Street business.

Another larceny was reported on Elm Street.

Police stopped the driver of a vehicle that drove straight through an intersection after waiting in the right turn lane.

Throughout the week, police were doing foot patrols around downtown and on the trails behind the State House in response to complaints of transients, loitering and vagrancy.

On Berlin Street, there was a complaint of panhandling and a “cigarette smoke disturbance.”

Near Sherwood Drive, police conducted a speed enforcement trap as a result of citizen complaints.

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