The following is a sampling of calls to Montpelier police in recent days.

Aug. 30A dog was barking on North Street.

On Brown Street, a tree branch was hanging in the roadway.

A Jessica Simpson wallet was reported lost.

Aug. 31A bicycle was stolen on Stone Cutters Way.

Gunshots were heard on Dog River Road.

A wallet was lost downtown.

Sept. 1Gunshots were heard on Dog River Road.

Kids were destroying flowers near a business on Berlin Street.

Four people were drinking on benches in front of Kellogg-Hubbard Library.

A blue leather wallet was lost downtown.

Sept. 2A dog was barking on George Street.

There was a suspicious vehicle on Terrace Street.

Sept. 3There was a pedestrian on Interstate 89.

Items were stolen from a business on Main Street.

A brown purse was found in bushes on Northfield Street.

Sept. 4A plastic flamingo was stolen from a lawn on Barre Street.

On Main Street, someone tried to break into a business.

A dog was lost on Pembroke Heights.

Sept. 5Keys were found on Dog River Road.

There was a two-car crash on Berlin Street at about 2:45 p.m. No injuries were reported.

Sept. 6A motorcycle broke down on Memorial Drive.

On State Street, a debit card was found.

A vehicle was idling for a while next to City Hall.

Sept. 7Keys were lost on Green Mountain Drive.

Someone was using a vehicle without permission on Prospect Street.

Sept. 8A dump truck broke down on Memorial Drive.

Vandalism was reported on Main Street.

A small, brown wallet was found on State Street.

A squirrel was in the roadway on Elm Street.

Sept. 9A dog was barking on Cummings Street.

Chickens were roaming free on Greenfield Terrace.

Someone was driving erratically on East State Street.

A phone scam was reported on Hubbard Park Drive.

Sept. 10Mail was stolen on Gallison Hill Road.

A vehicle was “doing doughnuts” and revving its engine on Old Country Club Road.

On Northfield Street, a vehicle was stolen.

Items were stolen from a home on Elm Street.

Sept. 11A light bar was stolen from a vehicle on Green Mountain Drive.

On State Street, a debit card was found and its owner was contacted.

A cash box was ripped off a wall on Langdon Street.

On Charles Street, a vehicle’s tires were vandalized.

A water leak was reported on Cummings Street.

Sept. 12Squirrels got into a house on Crestview Drive.

A dog was barking on Main Street.

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