The following is a sampling of calls to Montpelier police in recent days:

June 22Electrical equipment on Barre Street made loud noise and caused a power outage.

People reportedly smoking marijuana on Taylor Street turned out to be smoking tobacco products.

A dog was lost on Mountain View Drive.

On Elm Street, a wallet was found and returned to its owner.

Graffiti was reported on High School Street.

June 23A vehicle’s door was left open on Mechanic Street.

On Main Street, a dog was running loose.

Items were stolen from a vehicle on Bailey Avenue.

A female on Main Street was receiving unwanted text messages from a male.

On Cummings Street, a feud between two families was reported.

June 24A dog was running loose on Blackwell Street.

On State Street, a report of two people on a roof was unfounded.

Someone was speeding and driving erratically on Elm Street.

June 25Someone had an electrical issue with their mobility scooter on Liberty Street.

A pony was running loose on Court Street before it was corralled by its owner and taken home.

On Hubbard Street, a counterfeit check was used during a sale from the online marketplace

A catalytic converter was stolen off of a vehicle on Gallison Hill Road.

Someone was driving a white hatchback on College Street and throwing fireworks out the window.

June 26Keys were found on Main Street.

A fox was acting strangely on Elm Street, but officers were unable to locate it.

On State Street, a sandwich board on the sidewalk was tampered with.

June 27Someone was urinating outside a building on Barre Street.

A child on Cummings Street was outside without clothes on.

On Main Street, a cellphone was found on top of a Stephen King book.

June 28A vehicle was vandalized and its tires were damaged on Overlook Drive.

On Ewing Street, a dog ran away from its owners.

A group of teenagers were being loud on Barre Street.

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