The following is a sampling of calls to Montpelier police in recent days:

May 6

An incident of fraud was reported on Heaton Street.

Vandalism was reported on Main Street.

A traffic signal was malfunctioning on River Street.

On Main Street, a dog was left in a vehicle.

Children were playing at a playground at night on Barre Street.

May 7

Someone urinated in public on Stone Cutters Way.

On College Street, someone was threatened.

A welfare check was conducted at the Jacobs Lot.

May 8

Property was found on Dog River Road.

An incident of fraud was reported on Monsignor Crosby Avenue.

On River Street, a vehicle broke down.

There was a suspicious event on Isabel Circle. No further information was provided.

May 9

A domestic dispute was reported on Bailey Avenue.

Vandalism was reported on Barre Street.

Property was lost or found on Main Street.

There was an animal problem on Elm Street.

Property was found on State Street.

May 10

A dog was lost or found on North Street.

Bicycle parts were stolen from a building on Barre Street.

Vandalism was reported on Main Street.

May 11

Property was lost or found downtown.

There was a suspicious person on River Street.

A dog was found on Dyer Avenue.

On North Street, a dog was lost or found.

May 12

A vehicle broke down on Memorial Drive.

Someone was being harassed on East Montpelier Road.

A license was found on Langdon Street and returned to its owner.

On Berlin Street, a pill bottle was found.

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