The following was provided to The Times Argus as a sampling of calls to city police in recent days:

Nov. 26

There was a suspicious vehicle on Elm Street.

Burglaries were reported on State Street and Country Club Road.

Property was lost downtown.

Property was found at Hubbard Park.

Items were stolen from a backpack on Barre Street.

Nov. 27

A tree limb fell on the power lines on East State Street.

Property was lost on State Street.

A vehicle failed to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk on Main Street.

Nov. 28

A vehicle broke down on Main Street.

Property was lost on State Street.

Someone was trespassing on Main Street.

Nov. 29

There was a roadway hazard on Bailey Avenue.

A juvenile problem was reported on High School Drive.

Property was found on Main Street.

There was a juvenile problem on Bliss Road.

Nov. 30

An injured deer was reported on Loomis Street.

On Main Street, a dog was left in a vehicle.

Property was lost or found on State Street.

Dec. 1

Property was lost or found on River Street.

Items were stolen off of a porch on Barre Street.

There was a suspicious vehicle on River Street.

Dec. 2

A male was acting aggressively on Main Street.

On Elm Street, a mental health issue was reported.

Someone put trash in trash cans without permission on Vine Street.


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