The following is a sampling of calls to Montpelier police in recent days:

March 4

There was a suspicious event on Elm Street. No further information was provided.

An inspection sticker was stolen off of a vehicle on Berlin Street.

On Main Street, an injured deer was reported.

A welfare check was conducted on Main Street.

March 5

There was a suspicious event on Cummings Street. No further information was provided.

On Main Street, a bicycle was abandoned.

A cellphone was stolen from a building on Barre Street.

March 6

A suspicious person was reported on State Street.

Someone was loitering and smoking behind a building on Stone Cutters Way.

Property was vandalized on Cummings Street.

March 7

A roadway hazard was reported on Hubbard Street.

On Cummings Street, a property line dispute was reported.

Suspicious people were reported on Main Street.

Someone was driving erratically on River Street.

March 8

A dog was running loose on Center Street.

Property was lost or found downtown.

A female was drinking on the back ramp of Trinity United Methodist Church.

On Towne Street, a disturbance was reported.

March 9

A vehicle was abandoned on Elm Street.

Property was lost or found on Main Street and Main Street.

A dog bit another dog on Elm Street.

On Paine Turnpike North, an ATM card was found.

A dead deer was reported on Memorial Drive.


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