BARRE — A Montpelier man has been sentenced for stealing a gun and getting into a fight.

Christopher Paul Prevost, 36, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Washington County criminal court to a felony count of grand larceny and misdemeanor counts of being in possession of a firearm while having a conviction for a violent crime, petit larceny, possession of stolen property and aggravated disorderly conduct. Prevost was sentenced to a year to 4½ years in prison.

Prevost had been charged with a felony count of aggravated assault with a weapon, but the charge was amended to misdemeanor aggravated disorderly conduct, per the plea agreement. The state also dismissed a felony count of assault and robbery with a weapon, as well as a misdemeanor count of vehicle operation without the owner’s consent.

In an affidavit, Barre City Police Cpl. R. Henry Duhaime said a report came in June 22 stating a man was going through a car on Berlin Street. Duhaime said he searched the area and located a station wagon being driven strangely. He said he pulled in front of the vehicle and put his blue lights on. He approached the vehicle and the driver was identified as Prevost, according to court records.

Duhaime said he asked Prevost who the car belonged to and he said it belonged to his friend “Nate.” Duhaime said he ran the registration for the vehicle and it did not come back as being owned by someone by that name.

He said he later received a report from someone on Westwood Parkway reporting a vehicle had been gone through and a handgun had been stolen from it.

Duhaime said the owner of the vehicle Prevost was found in reported he had not given Prevost permission to drive his car.

Duhaime said police obtained a search warrant for the vehicle and inside they found the stolen handgun.

In another affidavit, Barre City Police Cpl. Jonathan Houle said an assault and robbery was reported on North Main Street on June 19. Houle said the victim reported being “jumped” behind Allen Lumber. He said Prevost was accused of assaulting the man and had taken off on foot.

Houle said the victim reported he was in a woman’s vehicle and they had called Prevost in an effort to get heroin from him. The victim told Houle that Prevost arrived and they were discussing the drug deal when Prevost asked the victim for $20. He said he told Prevost he had just gotten paid and when he pulled out $400, Prevost pulled out a blue box cutter and told the victim to give him the money, according to court records.

Houle said the victim told him he took off running and Prevost caught up to him. The victim told Houle he was able to get the box cutter away from Prevost, but Prevost punched him in the ear and they began to wrestle. Houle said the victim reported Prevost shoved him down a bank and he blacked out. He told Houle he woke up and got his backpack and noticed his tablet computer and his money were missing.

Prevost was convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault in 2009, which brought about conviction for possession of a firearm while having a conviction for a violent crime from the gun stolen from the car.


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