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Hi there. It’s me, the Flannel Fairy. If we haven’t met yet, you should know that I’m a mythical sprite who comes alive once a year on the day after Thanksgiving to show people how Montpelier does holiday shopping a different way. We skip out on Black Friday and celebrate Flannel Friday instead. It’s a cozier way to shop.

So Friday, Nov. 27, I hope to have the chance to meet you. While you’re browsing the great deals at downtown stores, I’ll be out spreading delight and joy. I have more than 200 amazing prizes to give away. All you need to do is wear your coziest flannel, and you could win.

After Flannel Friday, I disappear back into the woods for a year, but you should keep coming downtown and being your cozy selves. On Saturday, Nov. 28, Montpelier Alive is offering free horse-drawn wagon rides through town, thanks to our friends at Hunger Mountain Co-op. 

And don’t stop shopping in Montpelier after Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone. We all know that mail deliveries have been delayed, and Front Porch Forum seems like a lost-and-found depository for packages in recent days. Shop in Montpelier, and you’ll get your package right away. In Montpelier, you can find unique, quality items. In Montpelier, you’ll find an actual person who can help you pick out the perfect gift, not a phone tree and endless hold music. Plus, your money will stay local and support a local store owner. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need more of our money.

Of course, you’ll be hungry from all that shopping, so don’t forget to grab takeout from your favorite Montpelier restaurant and leave the cooking to us. And no one has better ingredients for your holiday feast than Hunger Mountain Co-op. You can even curbside pick-up your Thanksgiving turkey and pies this year.

Wear your masks, stay home if you’re sick, and shop amazing, not Amazon this holiday season. See you soon! Love, The Flannel Fairy

On behalf of the Flannel Fairy, this column was submitted by Dan Groberg, executive director of Montpelier Alive.

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