BARRE – A Massachusetts man has been sentenced to two years in prison for possessing heroin.

Agdriel Del Valle Cordero, 20, of Springfield, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of possession of heroin. Cordero was sentenced to 23 to 24 months to serve. He’s been held at Northeast Correctional Complex in St. Johnsbury on $20,000 bail since his arraignment in February.

The state agreed to amend the possession charge from a felony count of heroin trafficking and dropped a felony count of conspiracy to heroin trafficking, per the plea agreement. The agreement notes Cordero received this sentence with the understanding he will testify in another case.

Sgt. Steven J. Durgin, of the Barre City police, said in his February affidavit that Vermont State Police were investigating a burglary on Hyland Hill Road in Washington where four guns were stolen. Durgin said police had a suspect in the case who lived in Barre.

He said police learned the guns may have been taken to a home on Maple Avenue. A witness told police he was a taxi driver and the suspect and two males had been his passengers when they had him drive to a home in Williamstown. The witness told police the suspect and one of the males got out and walked around the home until a neighbor spotted them, yelled out at the pair who came back to the taxi and then left.

Durgin said the witness reported the trio then asked to be taken to the home that was later burglarized in Washington. He said the suspect and one of the males got out, went into the home and returned with several backpacks. The witness told police he then drove them to the Hollow Inn & Motel in Barre. Police executed a search warrant on the hotel room Feb. 7. Inside he said police found 30 baggies containing suspected crack cocaine and 1,600 bags of suspected heroin. Durgin said the baggies field tested positive for cocaine and heroin, respectively.

Durgin further stated that a man who was in the room when the search warrant was executed told police he knew there was heroin in the room and he had split the cost of the heroin with Cordero.

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