BARRE — A man, facing a charge of attempted second-degree murder after allegedly assaulting a woman last week, was jailed without bail on Monday.

Tyler Wallin, 21, who is homeless, pleaded not guilty in Washington County criminal court to charges of attempted second-degree murder, aggravated first-degree domestic assault, domestic assault, assaulting a police officer and causing bodily injury, resisting arrest and violations of conditions of release.

If convicted of all charges, Wallin faces a maximum of life in prison with a minimum of 20 years or fines totaling $32,500, or both.

According to the affidavit of Barre Police Officer Jacob Frey, a woman came into the Barre Police Department in the early hours of Saturday morning to collect some of her property.

Frey said Wallin was known to police after being charged with aggravated assault Friday evening. Frey said Wallin also damaged the woman’s room at the Budget Inn, assaulted her Thursday and failed to appear in court the same day.

When the woman went to the Barre Police Department, Frey was asked to get a recorded statement from her. Frey said she reported she was unable to provide a written statement because of injuries Wallin inflicted on her.

The woman said that on Thursday, she and a friend drove by Wallin and asked him to get into the car, court records stated. The friend told Wallin that she could see the injuries Wallin inflicted on the woman, court records said.

“... This made Wallin mad and he jumped on (the friend’s) car and then punched (her friend),” Frey stated, adding that the two women drove away and the victim then went to have dinner with family.

Believing that Wallin had been arrested, the woman came back to Barre, Frey stated. Wallin saw her walking near Cumberland Farms around midnight and started to follow her, Frey said.

“She stated that he followed her down Seminary Street and Plain Street, and when they got to Warren Street, Wallin attacked her,” Frey stated. “She stated that Wallin attacked for her 15 to 20 minutes, beating her with his fists and slapping her with the back of his hand.

“She stated that Wallin punched her so hard, her earrings fell out of her ears,” Frey’s affidavit continued. “(She) stated that Wallin strangled her with his hands, forearms, knees and feet. (She) stated to me that Wallin strangled her 10 or more times, sometimes lasting minutes, and stated that he only let her up so she could breathe again and he could continue beating her.

“(She) informed me that Wallin stated to her, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ and, ‘You are going to die (expletive)’ several times. (She) also stated that if she called the cops, he would shoot the cops. (She) stated that she was very relieved that an unknown witness (unknown to her) called the police and believes that the police arrival is the only reason the attack stopped,” Frey’s statement added.

Frey said the woman denied fighting back but stated that she told Wallin to “please stop” and “leave me alone.”

“I observed (her) voice to be raspy and that she moved extremely slowly, as if in pain (which she stated that she hurt all over),” Frey stated.

Photographs provided to the court showed the woman’s face, neck, arms and torso covered in multiple lacerations and heavy bruising.

Court documents show that Wallin was also charged with assaulting the woman at the Budget Inn, a man outside the inn on Aug. 27, and another man behind Jiffy Mart on North Main Street in Barre on Aug. 11. He was released on conditions.

Wallin was also on probation for a felony count of forgery, as well as misdemeanor counts of possession of stolen property, operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent, unlawful trespass, petit larceny and two counts of false token dating back to Dec. 15.

Washington County State’s Attorney Rory Thibault asked Judge Mary M. Morrissey to jail Wallin without bail pending his next court appearance on Thursday and that he be ordered to have no contact with his girlfriend, which the judge agreed to.


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