CVHHH volunteer Suzanne Richman at her home in Berlin.

Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice is celebrating the contributions of its volunteers in recognition of National Volunteer Week.

CVHHH relies on volunteers to provide critical supports to patients and programs at fundraising events and in preparation for Town Meeting Day, at public foot-care clinics, and in the office. In addition, central Vermonters may also complete a six-week training program led by Nicole Dupont, hospice volunteer coordinator, and volunteer with hospice patients and their families, including in local-assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Profiles of four CVHHH volunteers can be found at

Suzanne Richman, of Berlin, is a CVHHH hospice volunteer. She was called to service after years of conversations with close friends and after her parents utilized hospice, at separate times, as they approached death and could no longer safely care for themselves.

“The infinite patience and compassion and skill of my parents’ nurses, aides, social workers, and physical therapists intertwined to make them the guides that our family needed.” Suzanne saw this same compassion in CVHHH’s hospice team.

“There was a sense of deep regard and respect for the patients and their families in the way Jim Budis, CVHHH’s Hospice & Palliative Care Manager, and Nicole Dupont, hospice volunteer coordinator, spoke. It reflected the kind of humanity that I want to be a part of.”

“Our selfless hospice volunteers give families the gift of their time through respite, support, and care,” says Dupont. “To our patients, they provide companionship, a calming presence, and a human connection. CVHHH hospice volunteers are the most diverse, caring, and compassionate people I have ever encountered. To be able to leave your own troubles at the door of a stranger’s home, and to be fully present, is invaluable.”

Over the past year and a half, 31 individuals have gone through CVHHH’s hospice volunteer training. CVHHH relied on the support of about 60 volunteers organization-wide.

CVHHH is eternally grateful for the ongoing support of its volunteers and looks forward to continuing to open up and expand volunteer opportunities — with strict safety and infection protocols as needed -– more broadly.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at CVHHH, visit

Profiles of four CVHHH volunteers can be found at

This content was provided to The Times Argus by CVHHH.

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