BARRE — A homeless man has been sentenced for trying to steal money from someone who had just used an ATM, and assaulting someone else.

Patrick M. Harrington, 40, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Washington County criminal court to misdemeanor counts of attempted petit larceny, simple assault and violating conditions of release. Harrington was sentenced to eight to nine months to serve with credit for time served.

He had been facing felony counts of larceny from a person and aggravated assault. But the charges were amended by the state, per the plea agreement.

Washington County State’s Attorney Rory Thibault said his office came to the agreement because there were credibility issues with witnesses that could have been an issue if the cases had gone to trial.

For the larceny conviction, Barre City Police officer Amos Gaylord said in his affidavit a report came in December 2018 stating a man tried to get into someone’s vehicle in the parking lot on Merchants Row behind TD Bank. Gaylord said the victim was parked at Mingle Nightclub and he went there to speak to her.

The victim told Gaylord she went to the bank because she had to use the ATM. The victim reported seeing a man hanging around the parking lot as they pulled up to the bank.

The victim told police she and her boyfriend went and used the ATM and when they came back to their vehicle the man in the parking lot tried to get into the vehicle with them. The victim’s boyfriend told police the man tried to get into the car via both passenger side doors as he backed out and drove away.

Gaylord said a man matching the suspect’s description was located on Merchants Row. He said he immediately recognized the man as Harrington because he’s had prior interactions with Harrington. He told Gaylord he was waiting for a friend to leave a store. Gaylord noted the store Harrington was referring to was closed at the time. He told Gaylord he was a little “out of it” because he had taken three doses of Xanax that day.

Gaylord said Harrington reported he had tried to get into the victim’s car because he thought it was his friend’s car. He later told Gaylord he had seen the victim go into the ATM and then back to her vehicle and the situation was a “misunderstanding.”

For the assault conviction, Gaylord said in his affidavit an altercation was reported on Fairview Street in May. He said witnesses reported Harrington punched a man in the face, knocking him to the ground. A witness told police Gaylord also stomped on the victim while the victim was down.

For the violation conviction, Gaylord said while investigating the assault case he saw Harrington was in violation of his court-ordered curfew.


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