BARRE — A Barre Town man who has run unsuccessfully for the Vermont Senate as a Republican in the past three elections has picked up criminal charges alleging he beat up a man he used to work with and broke bones in his face during an incident over owed property.

Dwayne M. Tucker, 47, pleaded not guilty by video Tuesday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of aggravated assault and misdemeanor counts of aggravated disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment.

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In addition to my reply comment: Based on the comments in this article - Either the wife is as pathetic as Dwayne or someone should probably do a welfare check on her. Any “man” that sucker punches another man and beats him like that probably isn’t a stranger to domestic abuse either.


I enjoy how the story just flows from here is what happened to oh by the way, both Tucker and his wife are failures at running for offices to here is more of what happened. 😂

Reporting on a one sided point of view always paints horrible picture. Also when reporting why isn’t public information mentioned? 1. Why wasn’t it mentioned the, “victim” has many pending charges for previous assaults on people? 2. Why was it not mentioned the victim is on court conditions of release and Barre City PD isn’t enforcing them? 3. Why is it not mention the, “victim’s” life long prior criminal history? I guess that doesn’t get the headlines and requires to much truth and stops the rumor mill from turning.


This article doesn’t seem one-sided to me. It had statements from both the victim (via the police affidavit) and the failed wanna be politician.

The victim wasn’t mentioned yet you seem to know an awful lot about said victim. Is this you, Dwayne? Even if all of those things about the victim are true - it’s also true that a pathetic, cowardly, despicable, vile bully literally knocked a man unconscious from behind and proceeded to pummel him within an inch of his life. Only the lowest, sorry excuse of a man would literally beat a man when he is down. In this article alone Dwayne gives wildly conflicting statements to police proving what a pathetic, untrustworthy liar he is. I hope this reprehensible bully is held accountable for his actions.

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