BARRE – Quick action by firefighters saved an apartment building with a two-week-old baby inside early Sunday morning.

Barre Fire Department responded at 2:56 a.m. to reports of a garage fire at 8 Orange St. Fire officials said it is believed to have been caused by an electrical fire in a Chevy Silverado truck in the driveway of a neighboring apartment building at 1 Webster St. where the siding of the building was melted. A nearby Honda Civic was also damaged but no one was injured.

Barre Fire Deputy Chief Joseph Aldsworh said the quick response by firefighters, with the help of mutual aid from firemen from Barre Town, Montpelier and Berlin, prevented much greater property damage or loss of life.

“We were summoned to a garage fire at 8 Orange St. and also received a number of other calls,” Aldsworth said. “The crews arrived and found that a nearby house where the siding had started to melt. They got to work to knock it down.”

Inside the apartment building on the second floor was a family with a two-week-old baby.

Zobayer Hossain, his wife, Fatema, and their son, Ahnaf, were asleep when the fire started.

“My wife woke up to feed my kid – he wakes up every two hours – and she saw the flames coming from the roof of the garage,” said Hossain, who called 911.

Hossain owned the Honda Civic parked next to the truck that was also damaged by the fire.

Hossain’s downstairs neighbor, Dan Robinson, was the owner of the Chevrolet Silverado that firemen believe was the cause of the fire and was completely destroyed.

“In the middle of the night, we were sleeping and the truck just caught fire,” Robinson said. “I have no idea how it started or how it happened. The car had been parked for over an hour, a couple of hours, and everything was shut off.

“It was about 3 o’clock, alarms were going off, car alarms were going off and the neighbors were knocking. The vehicle was just completely engulfed in flames,” he added.

Tim and Amber Terway are the owners of the garage damaged at 8 Orange St. The couple moved into the home in June and were married in an August ceremony in the driveway that also made use of the garage.

Tim Terway said he was first alerted to the fire by the sound of explosions outside.

“We were both asleep, and it sounded almost like a loud fire cracker like you would hear on the Fourth of July,” Tim Terway said. “Our bedroom is on the other side of the house, so I went out back and looked out the windows and saw the truck was completely ablaze and saw the flames starting to lick up the corner of the garage.

“First, they put the truck out and then they had to pull a bunch of the roof off the garage because the fire was still going under the eaves. Fortunately, they did a pretty good job,” he added.

Amber Terway added: “They could have taken more (of the roof of the garage) but they stopped and said they were doing what they could to save the building which we really appreciate.”

All the residents affected were able to remain in their homes after the fire.

All affected by the fire said they were insured.


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