BARRE — Police say an East Barre man wouldn’t let a woman leave his home.

Anthony Lepore, 58, pleaded not guilty Monday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of second-degree unlawful restraint and misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and violating conditions of release. If convicted, Lepore faces a maximum sentence of six years and eight months in prison. He was released on conditions.

Sgt. Paul Thayer, of the Barre Town police, said in his affidavit a domestic dispute was reported on Mill Street Saturday. Thayer said the next door neighbor called police to report he could hear a male and female yelling.

He said he went to the scene and spoke to the victim. Thayer noted the apartment was in complete disarray. He said the victim was in obvious distress and was trying to gather her things so she could leave.

The victim told Thayer Lepore had tried to throw her out of the house and then wouldn’t let her leave. She told Thayer Lepore tried to beat her.

Thayer said Lepore then appeared at the residence and he appeared intoxicated.

The victim told Thayer she and Lepore had gotten into an argument and he told her to leave, but when she tried to leave Lepore grabbed her and held her down on the bed so she couldn’t go.

Thayer said he then spoke with Lepore who denied putting his hands on the victim or pushing her down on to the bed.

He said as the victim was collecting her things he saw Lepore push the victim. Thayer said he told Lepore not to touch the victim and he came towards Thayer with his chest puffed out.

Thayer said he put his hands on Lepore’s shoulders and told him to back off six or seven times but Lepore ignored him and keep pushing forward in a threatening manner. Lepore then pushed Thayer and Thayer threw him on the couch, put handcuffs on him and told him to stop resisting, which Lepore ignored, according to the affidavit.

For the violation of conditions of release, Lepore was charged in February with violating an abuse prevention order. One of the conditions of release for that charge was to not have contact with the victim in Saturday’s incident.

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