BARRE — A Burlington man with a prior murder conviction has been sentenced for fraudulently cashing checks for thousands of dollars.

Timothy Dwayne Crews, 58, pleaded guilty Thursday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of forgery and a felony count of false pretenses. Crews was sentenced to one to five years, all suspended except 74 days of work crew. He was also placed on probation for five years.

The state agreed to drop four felony counts of forgery and four felony counts of false pretenses, per the plea agreement.

Trooper James Vooris, of the Vermont State Police, said in his affidavit that on July 12, 2018 he received a report that Crews had attempted to cash multiple fraudulent checks at banks in the Washington County area. Vooris said in the affidavit that Crews went to four Northfield Savings Bank branches, in Waitsfield, Waterbury, Northfield and Williston. He said Crews successfully cashed checks at the Northfield and Waitsfield branches, receiving $4,675.77 and $3,675.77, respectively.

Vooris said Crews also successfully cashed a check for $3,745.77 at People’s United Bank in Montpelier. According to the affidavit, Crews attempted to cash a check at the People’s United branch in Barre, but was unsuccessful.

All of the checks were reportedly cashed on July 10.

Those cashed in Northfield and Waitsfield had come from Cota’s Propane in South Hero, according to the affidavit, while the check cashed in Montpelier had come from All Metals Recycling. Vooris spoke with a representative of Northfield Savings Bank who told him Crews had shown his identification to a bank employee when he cashed the check at the Waitsfield branch.

Detective Cpl. Stephen Nolan, of the Montpelier police, said in his affidavit Crews had also given his identification when he attempted to cash the check in Barre. Police did not say how Crews obtained the checks.

Crews has multiple prior felony convictions, including for second-degree murder. In that case, police said Crews killed Ligia Collins in 2004. He also has prior felony convictions for breaking and entering, burglary, aiding in the commission of a felony and being an accessory after the fact.

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