Monday’s weather postponed roadwork on Bailey Avenue between State Street and Montpelier High School.

MONTPELIER — Spring repairs to Capital City roads are likely to cause delays for motorists in the coming weeks.

Work was scheduled to begin Monday to repave Bailey Avenue and repair potholes across the bridge surface, but was postponed due to weather. The city also plans to pave the Elm Street and East State Street water main repair trenches after water main breaks this winter that damaged road surfaces.

The road repairs are made possible with the start of hot-mix asphalt available from a company in Williston, according to the Montpelier City Manager’s weekly report.

Work has also increased along the Barre Street corridor for a 1.93-mile section of the recreation path from 55 Barre St. to Gallison Hill Road that will connect with a section of the path between Taylor and Main streets.

The work on the recreation path along Barre Street consists of retaining wall construction using pre-cast blocks, with deliveries occurring regularly. Construction crews will start working 10-hour days, beginning at 7 a.m.

Wet conditions along Old Country Club Road will delay work on the east side of the recreation path for the time being.

Plans were finalized to begin relocating the water main on Barre Street, a project necessary due to a conflict with the retaining wall for the recreation path.

The Department of Public Works said the contractor will be working on the side of the street Tuesday and Wednesday to install the tap and valves and then begin laying pipe in the street on Thursday. To complete the relocation, the inter-connection with the Barre Street water main is tentatively scheduled for April 22 and 23, when the water main will be shut down and the old main cut and capped.

Final notifications to affected properties will be made at least 24 hours in advance.

DPW staff will be present during much of the water main work to provide support, assist with quality control inspection, operate valves and be present in case of an emergency.

Work is also expected to begin soon on the roadway to the Caledonia Spirits distillery under construction off Barre Street that will occur with other construction there. The work will include coordinating with Vermont Rail Systems to install a new rail-crossing signal system where the roadway crosses the tracks. The distillery is scheduled to open in May.

As a result of all the construction, the city has issued a travel advisory notice on and off Barre Street. Motorists are being advised to expect construction delays and to seek alternate routes if possible.

Work will also take place on Gallison Hill Road over the next couple of weeks with the contractor taking advantage of reduced traffic while the nearby school is on break to make box cuts along the road shoulders to prepare for road widening.

Barre Street and Taylor Street are scheduled to be repaved this summer.

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