BARRE — A Granite City woman has admitted to trafficking heroin after being sentenced for selling cocaine.

Lindsay Lee Piro, 40, pleaded guilty Monday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to felony counts of heroin trafficking and cocaine possession. Piro was sentenced to one to five years to serve. The state agreed to drop a misdemeanor count of narcotic possession.

In March, Piro pleaded guilty to a felony count of selling cocaine and two misdemeanor counts of violating conditions of release. She was sentenced in that case to six months to three years to serve. Monday’s sentence is set to run consecutive to her existing sentence so she was effectively sentenced to one to eight years to serve with credit for time served. Piro has been held on bail at Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility in South Burlington since December.

For the heroin trafficking conviction, Sgt. Kevin Moulton, of the Montpelier police, said in his affidavit multiple law enforcement agencies took part in a drug sweep in the area on June 5. Moulton said they had been looking for a certain people as part of the sweep and located Piro and another woman in a vehicle on Allen Street in Barre City.

He said Piro had track marks on her arms and hands from injecting drugs. Moulton asked Piro if there were any drugs in the vehicle and he said she responded there was only marijuana. He told Piro he could see a plastic bag sticking out of her purse and she claimed there were Tylenol pills inside.

Moulton told Piro to give him the marijuana and when she opened up her wallet he saw syringes and other drug paraphernalia. He asked Piro if there was any heroin in her wallet and she replied “probably,” according to the affidavit.

Moulton said he asked Piro if he could search the vehicle for drugs, but she declined. He said he called in a K9 unit which indicated there were drugs in the car so he obtained a search warrant. Inside the vehicle Moulton said he found 4.8 grams of suspected heroin and 22.1 grams of suspected cocaine. Both drugs field tested positive. He said he also found 10 strips of the narcotic Suboxone.

For the cocaine selling conviction from March, the Vermont Drug Task Force said in its affidavit the task force started investigating Piro for selling heroin and cocaine in May 2018. The investigation used a cooperating individual to conduct a controlled buy from Piro.

The cooperating individual told the task force that he or she had bought drugs from Piro 15 times in the past. The task force said a controlled buy was set up where Piro met the cooperating individual at a South Main Street business in Barre.

The individual was given $100 to buy crack cocaine from Piro, according to the affidavit. The task force said the transaction took place and the cooperating individual came back with 0.6 grams of a substance that field tested positive for cocaine.

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