BARRE — A Barre Town man with a history of breaking into places has admitted to breaking into another.

John W. Jarvis, 39, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of burglary. Jarvis has agreed to a sentence of 30 months to 20 years to serve. He will be sentenced at a later date because the victims want to give a statement beforehand.

Judge Mary L. Morrissey said she will decide whether to accept the plea agreement after hearing from the victims. Jarvis will be able to withdraw his plea if the judge rejects the plea agreement.

The state agreed to drop a felony count of unlawful trespass into an occupied residence and a misdemeanor count of unlawful mischief per the plea agreement.

Jarvis is currently being held at Northeast Correctional Complex in St. Johnsbury on $50,000 bail.

Cpl. Benjamin Hammond, of the Barre Town police, said in his affidavit he received a report on Oct. 2, 2017, about a man looking through a home’s windows. The homeowner told police she had received a notification on her cellphone from her security cameras that showed a man looking through her front and back doors. Hammond said he arrived on scene about three minutes after the call came in and the woman reported the man, later identified as Jarvis, was in her kitchen.

Hammond heard a crash inside the house and someone running down a bank behind it. He ran to the back of the house, where he heard Jarvis running through the woods but couldn’t see which direction he went, according to court records.

Hammond said Jarvis gained entry to the home by removing a screen on a window in the living room. He said Jarvis made his way to a bedroom, where he removed a safe and attempted to pry it open, causing $200 in damage. He said Jarvis also placed two large glass jugs of coins into a duffel bag and emptied a third jug into the bag.

Hammond said one of the jugs was broken and Jarvis may have cut himself on it, because there was a trail of blood leading from the bedroom to where Jarvis exited the home. According to Hammond, the homeowner posted several of the surveillance photos on Facebook and multiple people identified Jarvis as the person in the photo.

Hammond said he received permission from the court to obtain Jarvis’ DNA and tested it against the blood found in the home, and found it matched.

Jarvis was under supervision by the Department of Corrections at the time of the burglary because court records show he was convicted of felony burglary in 2013 and given a 3- to 10-year sentence to serve. He also has 10 felony burglary convictions from 2010.



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