BARRE — A Granite City man has been sentenced on several crimes including two burglaries.

Sean Allan Stearns, 40, was sentenced Wednesday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to five to 10 years, all suspended except for 18 months to serve on two felony counts of burglary into an occupied dwelling, a felony count of unlawful trespass into an occupied dwelling, a felony count of false pretenses, a felony count of possession of stolen property and a felony count of grand larceny as well as misdemeanor counts of false pretenses, credit card fraud, domestic assault, petit larceny and violating conditions of release. Stearns pleaded guilty to the crimes May 1. The state agreed to drop several charges including other burglaries and identity theft, per the plea agreement.

When Stearns pleaded guilty, Washington County State’s Attorney Rory Thibault said the state entered into the agreement because much of Stearns’ criminal past involved driving violations. He said Stearns has been dealing with a substance use disorder and that has been the driving force behind the crimes. Thibault hoped getting Stearns into treatment would curb his criminal behavior.

For one of the burglaries into an occupied dwelling, police said he broke into a home in Plainfield in September. It took place on Maxfield Road where police said surveillance footage from the home showed Stearns going into the home for about three minutes before he gets back into his car and leaves.

Police said Stearns broke into another home in Plainfield in September, this time on Fowler Road. The victim told police someone had broke off the front door frame to gain entry and went through some drawers. Police said nothing was reported stolen.

For the felony false pretenses conviction, police said Stearns used a stolen credit card to purchase a diamond ring at J.C. Penney in Berlin in October.

For the possession of stolen property conviction, police said Stearns was in possession of a saxophone that had been stolen from a home in Plainfield in October.

For the grand larceny conviction, police said Stearns stole tools from a shop on Granite Street in September. Police said the tools included a set of torque wrenches that cost more than $3,500.

For the domestic assault conviction, police said a woman in October reported finding a credit card and a small bag of pills at her residence that didn’t belong to her. She told police she confronted Stearns and he became violent and grabbed her wrists.

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