BURLINGTON — A Barre man who agreed to be a confidential informant for police, but showed up with drugs on him, has admitted to the federal charge he faces.

Iman “Geo” Hardy, 44, pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Burlington to a felony count of knowingly possessing with intent to distribute cocaine. Hardy has agreed to a sentence of three to five years to serve. He will be sentenced on Nov. 26. He’s been in the custody of the U.S. Marshals at Northwest State Correctional Facility in Swanton since his arrest in June.

Cpl. Jonathan Houle, of the Barre City police, said in his affidavit he was on patrol in Montpelier on April 29 when he spotted Hardy driving toward Berlin. Houle said Hardy has been a person of interest for the Street Crimes Unit because of reports it has received about Hardy selling drugs.

He said Hardy drove to the Berlin Mall, parked the vehicle and a female got inside. Houle said the female was in the vehicle for about five minutes before she left and got into a truck. He said he followed the truck and pulled it over for failing to use a turn signal.

Houle said he spoke to the female who had gotten into Hardy’s vehicle and she told him she had bought half a gram of cocaine from Hardy. Houle took the white, rock-like substance from the truck and it field tested positive for cocaine, according to court records.

Houle said Hardy was staying at the Econo Lodge in Montpelier, so he got a search warrant for Hardy’s room and his vehicle. Houle said the motel was under surveillance and Hardy was not there at the time so he checked around and found Hardy’s vehicle at the Comfort Inn in Berlin. Hardy was taken into custody and on him police found $3,000 in cash and two cellphones, according to court records.

Houle said inside Hardy’s vehicle police found $12,749, another cellphone and items like a scale and sandwich bags used for selling drugs. He said Hardy admitted to police he had been selling crack cocaine in the state.

On May 3, Houle said Hardy had agreed to work with the Street Crimes Unit as a confidential informant and was willing to participate in controlled buys. Houle said he met with Hardy on May 3 and Hardy was searched before the buy took place. He felt a hard object in Hardy’s backside and when asked what it was Hardy first told police it was a sex toy and then it was marijuana, according to court records.

Houle said Hardy eventually admitted the object was crack cocaine. Houle said the substance field tested positive for cocaine and weighed 13 grams.

eric.blaisdell @timesargus.com

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