BARRE — Police say a Granite City man broke a bone in someone’s face after punching them and slashed someone’s tire.

Harold Henry Hallock Jr., 28, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of aggravated assault and a misdemeanor count of unlawful mischief. If convicted, Hallock faces a maximum sentence of 16 years in prison. He was released on conditions.

Sgt. Chad Bassette, of the Berlin police, said in his affidavit on July 12 a man came to the police station to report an assault that took place the previous day. The alleged victim told police he was driving on Route 62 when a Volkswagen Golf came up behind him and was tailgating him until he let the Golf pass. He told police when he got to the intersection of Route 62 and Airport Road the Golf parked and the driver got out and ran towards the victim’s car.

The victim told police the driver, later identified as Hallock, asked the victim if he had a problem and before he could respond, Hallock punched him in the face, fracturing the man’s eye socket. The victim reported Hallock then got back into his car and continued to weave through traffic on the way to Interstate 89. Bassette said the victim reported he didn’t know who Hallock was.

Bassette said he put up a post about the incident on the police department’s Facebook page asking the public for help in identifying Hallock. He said three people responded saying Hallock was the offender.

Bassette said he located Hallock and Hallock denied assaulting the victim. He told Bassette he didn’t remember what he was doing on the day of the assault, but he would remember assaulting someone.

For the unlawful mischief charge, Patrolman Benjamin Cavarretta, also of the Berlin police, said in his affidavit in that case on Oct. 3 a report came in from the Wal-Mart at the Berlin Mall stating a vehicle’s tires had been slashed. Cavarretta said he spoke to the alleged victim who reported she had gone into the store to shop and when she came out she saw the tires on the driver’s side of the vehicle had been slashed.

The woman told Cavarretta she believed Hallock may have slashed her tires because the two of them had an altercation in Barre and she saw Hallock next to her vehicle before she noticed the tires were slashed.

Cavarretta said surveillance footage from Wal-Mart shows Hallock walking to the victim’s vehicle and bending down on the driver’s side.

Hallock is already facing an aggravated assault charge. He pleaded not guilty last month to the felony as well as misdemeanor counts of simple assault, driving with a suspended license and giving false information to police.

In that case, police said Hallock was in Calais when he grabbed a woman by the vest and threw her to the ground during an altercation over hunting. Police said he also grabbed and choked a male.



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