WILLISTON – The retiring director of enforcement for the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles isn’t likely to forget one of his final speeding arrests: a driver clocked at 116 miles per mph going uphill on Interstate 89.

Anderson S. LeVeille, 53, of Barre, was initially clocked at 81 mph as he started up French Hill near the Richmond/Williston town line about 4:10 p.m. last Wednesday, Col. William “Jake” Elovirta said. The 2002 Cobra Jet 427 replica passenger car accelerated to 116 mph — which was caught on radar —and was pulling away from Elovirta, he said.

However, the speeding car eventually was forced to slow when he reached clogged traffic in both lanes of I-89 past the top of the hill. That gave Elovirta time to catch up and activate the blue lights and siren on his unmarked truck, the DMV said.

“The 116, that’s a career high for me – by one mile per hour,” said Elovirta, who plans to retire July 31.

Elovirta issued LeVeille a citation to appear Sept. 3 in Vermont Superior Court in Burlington to answer to a misdemeanor charge of gross negligent operation. If convicted, LeVeille faces up to two years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine. It also means 10 points assessed on the driver’s license.

LeVeille also received a civil traffic ticket with a $751 fine and two points for the Interstate speeding.

Elovirta noted Vermont has had 19 fatal accidents this year and at least six are due to suspected speeding.

He said with the July 4th holiday weekend coming up, motorists should slow down and try to arrive early for any gatherings.

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