BARRE – A local man accused of stabbing another man in the neck last week was arraigned Monday on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct at Washington County criminal court.

James E. Rodger, 30, faces a maximum 15 years and three months in prison and $10,500 in fines, or both, if convicted.

In an affidavit, Barre Police Officer James McGowan said he was one of several officers who responded at 9:32 p.m. on Friday to a report of “three intoxicated males fighting while walking” toward Summer Street.

McGowan said he found Charles Brown, 28, in a parking lot across the street from Seminary Street.

“Part of his face was covered in what appeared to be blood and he had no shirt on,” McGowan stated, adding that Brown told him a man wearing a black shirt, later identified as Rodger, had stabbed him with a knife.

McGowan said he located Rodger with another man, Bryan Hallock III, at the corner of Summer and Seminary streets.

McGowan said he noticed blood on Rodger’s right hand and that he appeared moderately intoxicated. Rodger said he had a folded knife in his pocket, which McGowan said he took, the affidavit stated.

McGowan said Rodger told him he was walking to see a woman “when some guy started messing with him.”

A witness, Raymond Philbrook, of Seminary Street, said he was on a second-floor porch when he saw Brown hit Rodger twice, and then Brown told Rodger to hit him back, according to McGowan’s affidavit.

McGowan stated he learned that Brown has sustained a wound to the back of his neck.

In another affidavit, Officer Brittany Lewis stated she responded at 9:45 p.m. on Friday to the parking lot behind Key Bank on North Main Street to find Brown with blood on his face and lacerations to his forehead above his left eye, the left side of his nose and the back of his neck.

Lewis also spoke to Philbrook, who confirmed that he saw Brown “was the first one to get physical” and struck Rodger twice with an open hand.

A third male who was reportedly with the other two men left the scene before the police arrived, Lewis added.

Lewis said she examined Rodger’s knife and found blood on both sides of the blade.

Lewis said fellow Officer Chad Stacey, who also responded to the reported attack, said Rodger spoke of “suicide.” Lewis advised that Rodger should be seen by Washington County Mental Health Services.

Stacey later reported Rodger has a blood-alcohol content level of 0.181 percent.

Lewis said a fellow officer issued Brown with a citation for disorderly conduct to appear at Washington County criminal court Oct. 3.

Rodger was released on conditions that included he stay away from Brown and his residence, and to have no other contact with him, and that he may not have, buy or drink alcohol.

Judge Kirstin K. Schoonover ordered Rodger to appear for a felony scheduling order at Washington County criminal court Sept. 16.


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