BARRE – A Granite City man has admitted to selling cocaine and possessing drugs.

Santos DeJesus, 29, pleaded guilty Friday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of cocaine sale and misdemeanor counts of possession of cocaine and heroin. DeJesus was sentenced to three to 15 months, all suspended and placed on probation. The state dropped misdemeanor counts of violating conditions of release and driving without a license, per the plea agreement.

For the drug sale conviction, the Northern Vermont Drug Task Force said in its affidavit an investigation was started in January looking into the distribution of cocaine in the Washington County area. The task force said the focus of the investigation was DeJesus.

The investigation used a cooperating individual who told the task force they knew DeJesus was selling cocaine and had bought the drug from DeJesus in the past. The individual told the task force they would set up the drug purchases through Facebook Messenger.

The task force said it set up a controlled buy in January. The individual showed the task force messages on Facebook confirming the buy, according to court records. The task force said it gave the individual money to buy the drugs, met with DeJesus and returned with 0.98 grams of a substance that field tested positive for cocaine.

For the drug possession convictions, Cpl. Jonathan Houle, of the Barre City police, said in his affidavit in that case he was on patrol in February when he saw DeJesus driving on Meadow Drive. Houle said dispatch confirmed DeJesus’ license was suspended. He said at one point DeJesus started driving down the wrong side of the roadway so Houle pulled him over.

Houle said he was told DeJesus may have been in possession of a gun so he asked him to step out of the vehicle and was given consent to pat DeJesus down. He said he asked DeJesus what he had in his pockets and DeJesus pulled out a small container that contained a small rock-like substance that looked like crack cocaine and field tested positive for cocaine. Houle said he got a search warrant for DeJesus’ vehicle and inside he found a baggie that contained suspected cocaine.


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