The following is a sampling of calls to Barre City police in recent days:

Nov. 9

An 8-year-old was on a roof throwing shingles into traffic on Berlin Street.

On Farwell Street, a dog attacked another dog.

Someone on North Main Street used a bank card that was flagged lost or stolen.

A dog was running loose on Merchant Street and was returned to its owner.

Nov. 10

A dog attacked someone on Bank Street.

On South Main Street, a male was pushed out of a moving vehicle.

Someone was trying to get a 13-year-old to smoke marijuana on Bergeron Street.

Nov. 11

A vehicle’s window was smashed on Summer Street.

On Laurel Street, a sexual assault was reported.

Someone was assaulted on North Main Street.

A child was jumping in front of cars on Franklin Street.

Nov. 12

Someone threw a rock through the back window of a car on North Main Street.

A dog was found on Camp Street.

On Fairview Street, an egg was found outside a front door.

Nov. 13

A report of someone taking a flag down on a light pole downtown turned out to be people taking the flags in for the winter.

Someone was assaulted on North Main Street.

A vehicle’s windows were smashed out on Merchant Street.

On North Main Street, a vehicle was scratched and its wiper blade was damaged.

Nov. 14

A wallet was found on North Main Street and returned to its owner.

Jewelry was lost on South Main Street.

A fight was reported over the treatment of dogs on South Main Street.

Nov. 15

A dog that wasn’t on a leash scratched a vehicle on Batchelder Street.

Items were stolen from a building on Delmont Avenue.

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