The following is a sampling of calls to Barre City police in recent days:

March 9

Tires and furniture were dumped on Allen Street.

An incident of home improvement fraud was reported on Summer Street.

On Tremont Street, a kid missed the school bus.

Kids had marijuana and tobacco on Ayers Street.

A guy was hanging out on Brook Street.

On Washington Street, a burglary was reported.

Cement fell off of a wall and into the roadway on Hill Street.

March 10

Kids refused to go to school on Skyline Drive.

Items were stolen on Ayers Street.

An incident of check fraud was reported on North Seminary Street.

On West Street, a car was keyed.

A woman was walking a dog on Merchant Street when another dog came up and bit her.

March 11

A suspicious briefcase reported on Metro Way turned out to belong to an employee.

On North Main Street, a blonde woman in a Subaru was yelling weird things.

Jewelry was stolen on Fecteau Circle.

Someone was being threatened on Ayers Street.

A campfire was reported on Prospect Street.

March 12

Drug activity was reported to the police department.

An empty backpack was left behind on North Main Street.

Someone was looking in car windows on Washington Street.

March 13

Fraudulent use of a bank account was reported on North Main Street.

A Facebook scam was reported on Zan Street.

There was a domestic disturbance on South Main Street.

March 14

There was a suspicious person on North Main Street.

Kids were hanging around Green Acres at night.

On Batchelder Street, kids were being loud.

March 15

A large dog that looked like a wolf was reported in a parking lot on South Main Street.

Someone was trespassing on South Main Street.

A dog was reported lost on Newton Street.

On Maple Avenue, a child that looked to be 2 or 3 years old was running down the street.

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