The following is a sampling of calls to Barre City police in recent days:

Feb. 8A kid was refusing to go to school on South Main Street.

Someone was trying to sell a puppy on South Main Street.

A man was pumping gas into a cup while smoking a cigarette on South Main Street.

On North Main Street, a reported puddle of blood turned out to be from a leaking package of ground beef.

Feb. 9Someone was harassed on Brook Street.

Items were stolen on Granite Street.

A neighbor was blowing snow into the roadway on Camp Street.

Feb. 10

A truck hit a mailbox on Berlin Street.

Someone was assaulted on South Main Street.

On Berlin Street, someone was trespassing.

A parked truck was blocking traffic on North Main Street.

Feb. 11There was a motor vehicle complaint on South Main Street.

Someone was trespassing on North Main Street.

A suspicious person was reported on Keith Avenue.

Feb. 12A female reported an online scam on East Street.

Two females got into a fight about masks on South Main Street.

Feb. 13A post office drop box was unlocked on Merchant Street.

On Maple Avenue, a dog was barking.

There was a suspicious vehicle on South Main Street.

Feb. 14A wallet was found on North Main Street.

Someone was throwing rocks at a building on Pearl Street.

A dog was left in a vehicle on South Main Street.

There was a suspicious vehicle on East Parkside Terrace.

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